July 2010

Not so “Old” Acquaintances

July 31, 2010

Friends from the past can be great or not… today’s blast from the past was indeed great!  We met Sugar in 1992 when we first began Cooks and Books in Danville.  She was the pastry chef next door to our school at Bridges Restaurant.  In the morning before we opened our shop we would go […]

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Chicken Run and Viking Showroom Visit

July 29, 2010

Chicken Run!  We have searched high and low to close and far for the best chicken.  Dan Martinelli Poultry has been the purveyor of our chicken for more than fifteen years.  When we were located in Danville they delivered to us.  But now that we live on the mountain, they do not travel this far […]

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We Meet the most interesting people!

July 28, 2010

We meet the most interesting people!  A last minute booking through Oak Knoll Inn www.oakknollinn.com .  We always ask about dietary restrictions or allergies and were told they wished to have fish and chocolate.  They are Jewish so no shellfish or pork.  When Debbie and David arrived they pulled up in a sporty convertible Mustang […]

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Spa Day

July 27, 2010

It’s spa and salon day.  We try to keep the trips down the mountain to a minimum so we schedule appointments to maximize our outing.  A hair day at Dixie’s in Yountville preceded by a visit to Luca Spa in Hotel Luca at www.hotellucanapa.com .  Hotel Luca is quite new and has great facilities as […]

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Last Minute Class Booking

July 26, 2010

A last minute booking for a cooking class this evening.  A couple from Los Angeles who were both born in Korea.  Both their families moved to America when the kids were around 5 or 6.  They met in high school but only began dating 1 ½ years ago.  Harry was the one who was really […]

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Kelham Vineyards Party

July 25, 2010

Oh boy, we get to be guests at a party today!  When you are the party maker you rarely get to enjoy just being a guest and enjoying without worrying about the logistics.  My Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim from Sacramento arrived at noon and we got them settled and then headed to www.KelhamVineyards.com  for […]

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