March 2011

Nick and Sonia

March 18, 2011

Nicholas called yesterday midday to inquire if we had any classes that day or the next.  Since all of our classes are private we do not have regularly scheduled classes ongoing.  So I offered today and they thought that would be great.  They need to be at a wedding at 4 PM in Sonoma so […]

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More Fun with Our Cheri

March 13, 2011

We met with the girls at Oxbow Public Market for a chefs tour to begin our second class.  They had already scoped out the cupcakes, produce, breakfast tacos and chocolates before we met up.  Then we strolled through the market, bought some great cheeses like the new release from Cowgirl Creamery called Wagon […]

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An Action Packed Pork Weekend

March 12, 2011

We love our Viking equipment of which we have plenty.  As with any working machinery they need to be maintained by trained professionals.  Our wine cabinet needed an overhaul and Capital Appliance out of Fairfield scheduled to do the job; an all day affair.  We spent a lot of time with Brian and Bob […]

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A Cherry of a Class

March 11, 2011

Today we wish my Auntie Grace a Happy Birthday!  She and her husband live in Michigan and I just met her two years ago as she and my mom were separated at a young age as my grandmother died in childbirth.  It’s like she has always been part of our life, we love her. We […]

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Website Woes and Wonders

March 8, 2011

Over the years I have worked with many people to design and maintain my websites but it falls into the category of most frustrating jobs.   I finally found someone who I think can see inside my head and translate that into my website!  The first thing we did was to put an end to the […]

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DJ’s Birthday

March 2, 2011

Today is my birthday!!!  I love birthdays, especially my own.  The celebrations begin at least a month in advance and it continues for a couple days after.  But then we have to move on to the next birthday, Zander’s on April 2nd.  I must be getting old… okay we worked yesterday and then went out […]

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