Cooks and Books and Corks is our labor of love. We have evolved almost twenty years and still wake each morning with zeal and enthusiasm looking forward to what lies ahead. Each class presents a new challenge and allows us to be creative in our menu planning and recipe development. We have forged important working relationships with our purveyors to provide ingredients that shine in every dish prepared. The people we meet provide interaction and friendships that will continue. What we wish to create for each person who we cook with is a memory to cherish, both in the experience and the tastes.

Nurturing the soul and the senses is what cooking and food is all about to us. Carving out the time to spend in the kitchen with a well thought out plan can be so therapeutic and invigorating not to mention tasty. When planning your visit to Napa Valley it is important to connect with the right accommodations for rest, relaxation, and knowledge of the area provided by a highly recommended tour guide. We are happy to suggest our favorites to help make your visit the best experience.