Basic Skills Series

Two Day Cooking Course

The Basic Skills Series is a two day class designed for both the beginner and the experienced cook, to make cooking exciting, fun and easy. The first day we will cover the foundations of cooking and all things vegetable. On day two we will delve into meat cuts and poultry and create the meal for your graduation dinner. The class will introduce you to the foundation needed to begin exploring and creating exciting meals. This hands-on class concludes with a graduation dinner prepared by you and a Certificate of Completion.

DAY 1: Begin at the Market (optional and as available) – work in kitchen to follow

The Foundation of Success
We begin the series with a full explanation of the basic kitchen equipment and tools; knife skills and care; safety and sanitation; and how to prepare stocks, the building blocks of cooking. We will prepare stocks to suit your cooking needs.

Produce and Vegetables
This portion of the class will introduce the wide variety of available greens and vegetables. Chef DJ and Chef Kent will explain cooking methods for vegetables and starches, and discuss how to make vegetables look and taste their best when cooked. Learn how to prepare emulsified dressings and crispy salads. We will prepare emulsified dressings, a classic Caesar Salad, as well as many tastes of quick preparation dishes.

DAY 2: Work in kitchen with dinner to follow

Meat Cuts and Poultry
This class emphasizes how to handle and cook basic cuts of meat and poultry. Chef Kent will demonstrate how the stocks made in Basics I can be transformed into classical sauces. We will compare the results of different cooking methods on meat cuts and we will learn how to make a spectacular entree for our graduation dinner.

Now we will combine the knowledge acquired over the two days to plan, time and present your final graduation dinner.

Two day class $550 per person all inclusive (Minimum of 2 attendees)