Kent Nielsen

Provides the embers that keep the culinary duo always moving forward

Kent is a native Californian and holds a Bachelors degree in Behavioral and Social Science from San Francisco State. An accomplished woodworker and cook he took another path and went into the produce business. During his 18 year career in retail foods, Kent made it his goal to know the industry inside and out and be able to offer suggestions to his customers to prepare items they were not familiar with. When he met DJ and inquired what her plans for the classes involved he found she had a series with one class dedicated to vegetables and offered his assistance. They worked so well together that he offered his assistance with other classes and a great friendship ensued. Two years later DJ and Kent married and purchased a piece of property on which their future business and home would be built. Working with guest chefs to present their classes was a great opportunity for DJ and Kent to learn from some of the greatest chefs. Over the years in Danville they hosted Thomas Keller, Bob Helstrom, Mark Miller, Alice Waters, Hubert Keller, Madeline Kaman, Cindy Pawlcyn and many more.